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Helping our children together. 

Do you miss the "change" at the end of your paycheck? What if you could make a difference in a child's life on a regular basis? The change at the end of your paycheck can make that difference! Light of Hope is asking for your help in our mission to educate and equip our children through our school drug education program. You can help us, by donating the "change" on your paycheck each pay period. This will never be more than .99 cents! (unless you choose to do more). Light of Hope is committed to helping build better communities. We know that when we educate and equip our children, we are helping our future generations have the knowledge to make healthy decisions. 


Light of Hope has partnered with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and is the only organization in Oklahoma to take this highly accredited, DEA/Discovery Education, curriculum into the schools. There are three levels of curriculum available. We can provide school drug education to elementary, middle and high school. Each school district can personalize our LOH/DEA school drug education to fit their individual school needs. 

Light of Hope has hired highly qualified educators to go into the schools, providing this drug education at no cost to the schools.   


Light of Hope is asking businesses, organizations, churches, and individuals to consider partnering with Light of Hope on a continuous "change for change" funding initiative. Your change matters. It may only be .59 cents, or .25 cents, each pay period, but those pennies add up when we all come together to make a difference. Our children are worth it. Our community is worth it. Will you please consider allowing us the opportunity to discuss this "change for change" together? 

Contact us, and we will gladly explain things in more detail. We are also available for business, church or organization presentations at any time. 

Light of Hope has a solution to combating the national opioid crisis, but we need your financial support to make it happen. Together, we can educate and equip our children. 


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Nancy Phelps - Executive Director - 918-694-7388

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